Minding My Own God Business written by Rhianna Madison

My spiritual journey started when my Godfearing Grandmother planted the seed of faith in my heart at the tender age of 5 years old. At that exact moment, I entered the transfer portal into the Kingdom of God and it became legal that God could now participate in a partnership with her and water that seed. Throughout my childhood, that seed started to take root and eventually I started to see the harvest manifesting in my adulthood. I came to a crossroad in my life where I had to be fully persuaded of what heaven says and trust God. I knew my next move had to be my best move or else I could miss out on the opportunity to join the partnership with God and my grandmother. By the grace of God, I willfully accepted the process of spiritual pruning. He revealed that in this acceptance, my current situation was not going to be my “final” destination and that he was going to be eliminating the distractions in my life so that he could elevate and exalt his purpose for my life.

Through revelation, God disclosed that he is in the “people” business and that he needed to expand my insurance knowledge, specifically sales in the marketplace, so I could become the person of influence he intended for me to be. Can I be fully honest and transparent with you? The thought of me operating in a sales environment made me cringe. I was not in agreeance with God about his will for my life and jokingly responded back with “I can’t sell water to a well Lord!”. I set myself up with the perfect transition to what he revealed to me next. He provoked my mind from that cringy word “sales” to relationship building and through that process, I would be introducing his Kingdom and spreading the good news of his “well” of living water that never runs dry.

My faith journey led me to a very significant date that has completely changed my life. On November 9th, 2020, I stepped out in faith and allowed God to step in, take over and maximize my insurance career. By God’s grace and glory, I am currently flourishing as a relationship builder operating and owning a full-service insurance agency. I am passionate about educating and sharing the good news about how insurance is the transfer of financial burdens on your worst day whether it be a car accident, house fire, liability lawsuit, or the untimely death of you or a loved one. We all have a different journey, but I can testify that if you get involved in God’s business, he will get involved in yours!



With love and blessings,


 Rhianna Madison


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I have read this over and over. I see such light and love…the God given kind. The kind that can’t be stopped. The Heaven driven kind. I am inspired…again.


It’s been a joy and an inspiration watching your growth in, with and through Christ. 🙏🏾


Sister, Great testimony of God’s Faithfulness to his word. Continue to Trust in the Lord😊

Kevin McCoy

Wow! You are truly walking if in the brilliance of the gem, God told you are! Continue to shine! You are a treasure, a beautiful sparking diamond that lights up the world around you!

Robin McCoy

That was a powerful testimony. God knows how to transition us to his level of success to be able to transfer it to others. That’s exactly what he’s done with you. Thank you for sharing!!!!

Matthew Watson

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