Episode 6

Topic: The Submissive Wife
Digging deep into the term and and ideology of being submissive.
The clear roles in the household
The benefits
The clarity for the confused

Sons of SPPhilips presents 98.9 WTRH The Truth #TheHersDay Thursday Podcast.

Presenting the Consociation Conversation Series: A series of topics digging deep into marriage and relationships

Part 1: The Submissive Wife

Part 2: The 5 Love Languages

Part 3: 2 People 2 Beliefs (cultures & religion collide)

Featured Music:

QuangerineCream - Noir Et Blanc Vie

Seratonin from the Sun - RAGE

Surf - Text Me Records _ Leviathe

TrueArtRealAffectionPart4 - Noir Et Blanc Vie

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