Save My City Campaign

 2Harks and Sons of SPPhillips is creating a campaign, that will eventually evolve into a non-profit program. With this campaign we will associate ourselves with community outreach programs and participate anywhere we are needed. The 2Harks and Sons of SPPhillips are advocates for anything or anyone looking to promote positive interactions that provide people the ability to be the best persons they can be.
As a single unit we have aligned ourselves with Nykole Wyatt of Kole's Keys Real Estate  in Charlotte NC with their annual blanket drive for the homeless. In association with Franklinton HS After School Program, we developed two after school instruction segments. These programs will offer students the ability to think collectively, produce positive interactions and influence their future goals. Sons of SPPhillips has been fortunate to assist Ms. Julie Morrison & in creating custom bracelets for breast cancer survivors.
The 2Harks believe in creating solutions to the problems that conflict our communities. We are always open & willing to get involved whenever needed.
More information to follow, follow our social media platforms.
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