Wo-management, Managing Yourself First written by Takeara Garrison, respectfully known as Lady Kay



Hi Lady Daisies!

First I would like to thank #TheHersDay Podcast, The 2Harks & Sons of SPPhillips for this opportunity and to wish them an overflow of prosperity in every business they own.

I would like to begin by introducing myself to give you insight into who I am in hopes that my life and story will encourage you.

My name is Takeara Garrison, also referred to as Lady Kay. I am the First Lady of Citadel Family Church in Newberry, Florida. My husband is the great Elder Garrison, where he serves as Senior Pastor at the same church. Along with being a First Lady I work full time at my church, I work full time in finance for my local county government, I am a full time student shooting for my Masters in Public Administration. With all of that going on, I am also a mother. Between my husband and I, we are a blended family, and we have 5 children and 1 grandchild, our youngest being 2. My 8 year old son, the next oldest does travel soccer year round.

As you have read, my life is busy. And some days hectic and overwhelming. The question becomes, how do I manage? Some days, everyone needs me at the same time. Some days events clash and I have to be everywhere at the same time. To be perfectly honest, some days I want to just sleep the day away and deal with life events the next day. Here are a few things I use to get me through the day:

Time management: When you first wake up, give yourself time to think and process the events that are going to happen. Also prepare to give yourself grace for the things you miss that day. Think about what you need to get done and then think about what you want to get done. Execute your priorities first, then move to your wants.

Set a daily reminder: It's easy to get overwhelmed and sometimes depressed when you have a lot on your plate. You can have days where your doing stuff and it still feels like absolutely nothing gets done. Sounds crazy, but every few hours, I would set a notification alarm on my phone with words of encouragement to read to get me through the day. Messages like, “it's a lot, but you can do this” or “with God, nothing is impossible”, or “after this, you will be alright”. Reading those reminders gave me time to stop and reflect and I would then realize that I really am okay, if I just relax, and take each task as they come. I can make it through the day.

Talk to someone: This is a big one! I will be the first to tell you that I get overwhelmed and will fold under pressure. In most cases, it's really not as bad as I make it seem. Moments like this I talk to God, my husband then my spiritual leader or counselor. Never be afraid to speak out about how you are feeling. Your peace of mind and mental health depends on it!. Sometimes all you need is to someone to sort through the day with you.

And last but not least self care!!! It's important to put you first. An overwhelmed, unfulfilled, person is no good for anybody. You can only give out when your cup is filled. Give in excess, don't deplete yourself to give to others. Self care doesn't have to be big. Buy a bottle of nail polish, buy a shirt offline, buy yourself a meal. Small things add up quick.

I want to end by saying that you can and will make it! You were graced with the strength you need to push through each and every complicated task. Understand that even if you don't get everything done, getting something done is more than enough, even if that something is much needed rest for the day.
Listen, feel free to email me if you need prayer, or words of encouragement or just someone to talk to. In this thing called life, you are never alone.

Be blessed.


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Very inspiring and encouraging! Thankful for the reminders!

Candace Thomas

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