Season 2 Episode 10: Installation 4 of "A Couple of Couples" Series. "Phenomenal!"




Season 2 Episode 10 #TheHersDay Thursday Podcast Installment #4 of "The Couple of Couples" series featuring The Winborns @michaunelise & @designsbywinborn

Title: "Phenomenal!".

The Winborn's stopped by The Elephant Room Studios and shared an open and warm take on their awesome union. We coined the phrase "High Value Woman". We discussed the challenges of raising a child on the autism spectrum. As a man and a husband, finding new patience. Controlling the narrative between a past marriage and a new one. Being a man that leads and a woman who is strong enough and willing to submit and follow.  We further discussed "The Submissive Wife" and the 5 Love Languages. You don't want to miss it.

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If you have questions or concerns about your child and autism please contact the Childhood League


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Beats - Going into overtime” by SK

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