Episode 3

#TheHer and Him the H-dubl Hark Henry, bring another episode of good times.  Today's show your favorite prodigious podcast love pledging partners, discuss coronas impact on the return of sports and when is it time for adults to grow up?  Thank you for your ears.  (Please forgive minor static, working through those issues, not as bad as before).  

"Broadcasting from All World.................Directly from one of your neighbors basement!"

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Background music credits:

Intro: Aniki by Hiroshima

Featured Artist Sista Hook by Bakari Glasper aka Tha Bridge  IG: bakarithabridge, FB: Bakari Glasper

Shootin My Shot Sports Segment: SIRIUS by ALAN PARSONS PROJECT

Last Segment: Japanese Metal by doUbleU eYe doubLe eL (My cousin) https://soundcloud.com/wbf87/african-metal

                              Fur Funk by Text Time Records

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