HALF A CENTURY! Turning 50 years old learning as I grow along.


Turning 50 years old learning as I grow along. 

On this day, 6/10/2024, I turned 50 years old and I am so cool with it. No need to color my beard or paint on these weird hairlines that I see these other guys doing. My insecurities have always been in check, besides after seeing the prices these barbers are charging, I am more than fine with a bald head.  The first thing I thought today was, “What was my dad doing at 50?” I can’t recall or mentally recollect those years of what either he or I was doing at that time. So, I tried to bullet point my last ten years.

I remember 10 years ago posting a picture on Facebook, saying, “I’m 40, y’all!” I didn’t feel a day past 30 then. Today, weight-wise, I look weeks past 60. In the last ten years, I met my wife, got married, entered a new job industry, bought my second house, lost my father to cancer, and lost my grandfather. I also ventured into entrepreneurship, taught myself new skills, started podcasting and photography, traveled more, and worked on becoming a better husband. These are just some of the many things I continue to pray and seek wisdom and guidance for. 

This journey is challenging. I didn’t think creating new goals to achieve would still be necessary at this stage in life. I still have a list of places I want to see, a few extra things I would rather do and other places I would rather be. It’s been a great 50-year run that came and went so quickly. I feel like me, my friends and my generation are on the downside of time and life. How much time do we have left? 30 years? 20? 15? My dad hit 50 and succumbed to cancer a little over 20 years later. I wonder if he achieved everything he set out to do and if he found new goals to motivate him.

Every day is more vital than the next. I don’t want to waste it with work, anger, or staying in one place for too long. I often feel like I am being rushed, while trying not to be stagnant at the same time. I think I am really in a space where I want to do more of what I want to do now. Is this what 50 feels like?

At this juncture in life I am doing my best to do just that, “Everything I want to do!” My wife and I are happy and we work hard on our relationship so we can be a witness of what love looks like.  We continue to be at peace, despite the setbacks that are out of our control.  We Keep God and faith at the fore front of the relationship, while dealing with situations as they occur.  We don’t agree on everything, but we work together on all things.  She’s not 50 yet, she barley looks a day over 20 on some days. Right now she is more than enough motivation for me to keep pressing forward.  

Needless to say I made it to half a century.  I got bumped, scraped, knocked down and got back up.  I still struggle with my father not being here some days, a few times I could of used his advice.  Im leaning on faith more these days, so let’s see where the next 50 takes me.


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