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Genesis 2:22
Then the LORD God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man. 

August 26, 2017, I watched this gorgeous woman walk down a long aisle and agree to be my wife. Wow! Can’t believe it. Folks that know me can’t believe it either, but I’m so glad I was able to do it…. For months, I have been on social media sites pushing the Sons of SPPhillips brand to close friends or anyone who would pay attention. Quite honestly, it has paid off and the future of SPP is set.  I want to get this blog started and discussing what it took for me to find a great suit for my wedding aka #TheUnion. By no means was it an easy ordeal to find the right colors, compromising on some details and making sure my favorite color blue and my wife’s favorite color purple did not clash or seem too over bearing. We finally decided to include all shades of blue and purple.  

What type of suit, where to buy the suits, making sure groomsmen can get the suits etc. etc. etc.????!!! Lol I’ll say this, it was all worth the effort we put forth and I appreciate my groomsmen for being my brothers. August 26, 2017 was a great day. Let us begin.

I proposed to my wife (who will be affectionately known as #TheHer) back in November of 2015. After meeting her for the first time 2 years prior I already knew she would be my wife, but that there is another story as well. So, after the proposal we had a whole year and some change to make sure we could have every detail and cost taken care of. We most certainly did not want to go broke planning the wedding. We made great decisions.

As I stated prior about the wedding, we did not want to go broke planning it. We wanted to be smart about it and make sure it was cost efficient so that we were not paying for it long after the wedding was over. I wanted to be considerate of my friends, who had agreed to be a part of my wedding. They have families and children, so I kept that in mind as I was attempting to find suits for the day. For some reason, I had decided to think ordinary and totally voided out quality, I had decided to purchase our suits from K&G menswear. I’m glad I ran into my good friend Corey Winborn of Designs by Winborn ( who talked me out of that idea. Thanks bruh!!

He advised me not to go the K&G route and #TheHer agreed. Fine, I had to figure out another alternative, Corey had made me aware of He even showed me how he used them for his wedding and the suits were very nice. I had an inclination this wouldn’t work either. I’m not a real fan of the online shopping, furthermore I did not want to put anyone through the hassle of trying to figure the site out, getting their measurements and getting alterations. So that became a “No!”  Ultimately, we decided on a suit from Jos A. Banks. A Traveler Collection Tailored Fit #33KA 100% Wool bright blue double side vent 2-button suit with flat front trousers.

When we found the suit, we were in a Jos. A. Banks store at one of our larger malls here in Columbus, Ohio. Big guy, I believe his name was Bob, adopted us as his couple. Bob was very nice and excited to help us, I felt kind of bad when we switched Jos. A. Banks stores on him and received assistance from Vincent at the sister store at Easton Town Center. Bob was a violator of personal space, but his intentions were good. The threat of saliva bombs shooting at me from Bobs mouth and the raw mixture of coffee and nicotine breath was my sacrifice for the perfect suit. Quickly I learned to stay standing behind the tie table and desks when talking to Bob, this kept my personal safe zone protected. 

The price of the suit was $698…."EGAD MAN!” I’m looking for a deal here Bobby. I’m not trying to hurt anybody. He did advise me by the time the wedding came around the price could drop and it was in our best interest to put them on hold just in case. Each time the price dropped, we could come in to re-hold the suits and get that current price. Over the next few months I kept my eye on the suits price.

Within two months the suit dropped down to $498, “Hmmmm…. a $200 price drop is good action.” A month or so after that we were out to dinner with family. There was Jos A. Banks store on the other side of the lot, something told me to go to that store. I listen to my instincts quite often (not in all cases with past relationships, but who does? “Meh!”).  That’s where we met Vincent, Manager of the Easton store and who actually trained Bob at one time. My instincts were on point that night, the suit dropped down to $298 in less than four months. I am thoroughly ecstatic. Vincent advised me he’ll have everything run through his store, orders and all. This is where I felt some type of way about under cutting Bob at the knees. I wanted to go to Bob's store and say something, but I was mildly ashamed and #TheHer could have cared less. She told me to put my big boy pants on. Lol…. yes, my wife to be is a “G” (that stands for Gangsta for those struggling with that). When we finally made it in to apologize to Bob, he moved on to another company. #shrugs “Oh well!”

I kept my eye on the prize……. "the budget". I purchased the accessories myself, just a few of the gifts for my groomsmen. I found silk ties for $14 at Macys on clearance. I had a credit from Men's Warehouse that allowed me to buy my groomsmen silk pocket squares that normally run $20 apiece. I purchased all five for about $11. I also purchase the socks and white dress shirt from a Van Huesen Outlet in Jeffersonville, Ohio. I’m taking care of my brothers.

(So much fun with these guys……)

Now the shoes we decide on were brown Nun Bush Cognac Captoe Monk Strap Slip-Ons. My mother found them on display at DSW shoe warehouse on sale for 35% off so they were around 65$.  But a little online foreplay from my best man who found the shoes to be another 50% off if we ordered online before midnight that day. Myself and a couple of the groomsmen purchased the shoes for somewhere around $35 (taxes and stuff). All around I’m saving us money and that was my goal. 

After a long purposeless day at work I begin internet searches to pass the time. I hit the Jos a Banks site (nothing new). Few hours in the day my good old reliable instincts says to me “Look up!” (crazy right?…. that it speaks so candidly with me huh? anyhoo.) I look at my screen, I had previously left it on a home page and my eyes nearly rolled out of my head as my mouth opens and I gasp under my breath. “Holy friggn’ crap dude!” I immediately call #TheHer and tell her my new discovery. She replies, “are you friggn’ kidding me right now?” I reply, “No I’m not friggn’ kidding you right now!” what I saw on the yahoo page was a Jos. A. Bank advertisement and it had my actual suit pictured with a sale price of $198 dollars. #JOYGASM!!!!!! It’s time to order suits dudes let’s get on it.

The next few months were full of challenges, some of my groomsmen live two hours away and some lived in my own city. We got through it like brothers, they had my back. I think they were as eager and excited for the wedding as I was. Everything fell into place. This was an awesome occasion for me. Not only am I completing myself by taking a wife, but I feel as if I have come full circle as a man. I wanted to celebrate my best friends and my new brother-in-law with a special gift that I think shocked them. I got them all Special Edition Invicta Lupas 47 mm stainless steel watches in their favorite colors.

(Gifts for the Groomsmen)

My admiration and appreciation for them putting up with me for so many years. My wedding was awesome…I celebrated with old and new friends at the Columbus Athenaeum in their large theatre room. I told my wife it was her day and she was going to be on display.

Thank you for joining us on our first blog…. I hope you enjoyed…#SonsofSPPhillips


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