Season 2 Episode 8: What’s Happening Brother? Single, Secure & Strong






Robert K. Wallace Jr. came in and sat down with me today. This is not only my best friend; this man is a brother to me. Since Miq Perry came in and blessed us on episode 6, I wanted to get an episode in and get a man’s perspective about being Single, Secure & Strong. We discussed Robs journey of a single father raising 4 kids, 2 of which are girls, after his marriage of 15 plus years ended. We discuss his challenges and how they affected him emotionally and mentally. His spiritual testament and how the ordeal challenged his faith. We further discussed raising 2 daughters in the age of social media and how raising his daughters has assisted in his growth as a man, also changing how he views women. Rob & I both detail the loss of our fathers and how their wisdom prepared us to be the men that we are today.  We both determined how important it is to better mentor our young men and connect better with grown men, because mental health is a real thing in the black community that needs to be addressed more.  I hope you enjoy.

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