All inquiries begin with a $50 non-refundable consultation/retainer fee that secures your slot. The consultation fee will be included into the final price of our rates.  

Professional Headshots

½ hour photoshoot $125 (indoor/outdoor) *

Business Branding Shoot

Half-day photoshoot (up to 2 hours) $1250

  • 1 location (multiple locations negotiable)*
  • 1 person or Group (up to 6 individuals)
  • 10 + photos
  • Gentle Image Retouching/Editing
  • Reel for Social Media

Individual Shoots

½ hour photoshoot $175 (indoor/outdoor) *

1 hour photoshoot $275 (indoor/outdoor) *

  • Maternity (1 person)
  • Portrait
  • Model

Group shoots 

2 – 6 people

½ hour photoshoot $275 (indoor/outdoor)*

1 hour photoshoot $325 (indoor/outdoor) *

  • Maternity
  • Prom
  • Engagement
  • Portrait

 Contact us by phone: 614-454-3431

IG: @theher_photog


*For indoor/outdoor shoots, photographer will give a list of suggested locations. Reservation fees for studios are not included in the photographers cost. Reservation and studio fees vary. Payment and Rental policies is at the studios discretion. Most Studios require online reservations, please be prepared to make reservation at time of meeting.  



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