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Sons of SPPhillips



"The stylish man emphasizes pride and control. He draws people to him or he engages other people comfortably. He is the man other men want to be like or to be associated with. The stylish man knows the difference between style and fashion, he honors them collectively. The stylish man is the elephant in the room........he either sticks out from the crowd or he is just a part of the atmosphere."   Million dollar styling for the hundred dollar man - Hark Jos L. 

The creators of Sons of SPPhillips have a passion for fashion, healthy lifestyle living and being positive examples to our fellow brothers, sisters and friends. We are going to utilize the power of the internet and the benefits of social media to promote social awareness, cultural change, encourage good health and positive reinforcement. We want to emphasize the growth of men in our communities by assisting each other to understand our roles in society and also how to overcome obstacles that may hinder that growth. We want to encourage men to be responsible fathers, loving husbands, intelligent voices, correct with no confusion, righteous individuals, clear leaders in their community and overflowing with integrity.

At Sons of SPPhillips we furthermore honor women as the gorgeous selfless creatures they are. We understand the nurturing spirit, the passion within their souls and the overwhelming desire to love. We believe in protecting the integrity of women and showing our support to applaud your womanhood. 

At Sons of SPPhillips our hearts belong to causes that require hands on support.  Domestic Violence Awareness, Mental Health Awareness, Breast Cancer Awareness and any programs that support inner city youth are causes we will continue to establish a more positive rapport with.  As well as establishing support for our own social and community platforms.  #SaveMyCity and #MENtoring are two nonprofit programs that are currently being developed. 

Going forward we welcome all opinions,  as long as the opinions are uplifting and not damaging in context.  From time to time there will be guest bloggers, photographers, artists, interviewers and visionaries submitting blog posts.  These blogs will be open to comments and discussions.  Feel free to visit us at our social media pages located below.


Thank you for your time and consideration we look forward to uniting with you.


Hark Jos L. CEO

-Sons of SPPhillips