Tailoring vs. Alteration: Know the Difference by Malcolm Garret



Tailoring and alteration is your ticket to an article of perfectly-fit clothing that will help you achieve that stunning look. You can confidently walk around knowing that your clothes are fitted flawlessly just for you. Here at Crown Custom Clothing, we believe in preserving the stories behind every clothing we create. We do this by making precise modifications whilst maintaining its essence and appearance. We use our expertise to make garments fit the owner perfectly and be wearable for the years to come. In this blog, we will help you understand the difference between tailoring and alteration which can bring you one step closer to a comfortable and attractive outfit.

What is the Difference?

To simply put, a tailor can perform alterations but an alteration expert isn’t always qualified to do custom-tailoring. Tailoring requires expert sewing skills that will modify your clothing to perfectly fit your specific measurements. An alterations expert, on the other hand, specializes in smaller and simpler tasks such as adjusting the length or waistline of garments. To further elaborate, here are the tasks for both that makes them differ from each other:


Tailoring requires advanced skills and experience that focuses on more challenging and structured tasks for garments such as suits or jackets. They know how to make modifications to the underlining, padding, interfacing, and many more without leaving visible traces. Their tasks mainly focus on custom-fitting but may also include the addition of collars or pockets.


Alterations offer smaller adjustments that generally make clothing fit better. They are focused only on the adjustment of particular parts and perform simpler tasks such as hemming and shortening of sleeves or pant legs.

Disclaimer: Before you buy clothing that doesn’t fit you well, keep in mind that tailoring and alteration have limitations. Making tight clothes bigger isn’t usually possible especially that most clothes that are being manufactured today don’t have extra fabric on the seams. Downsizing significantly large or loose clothing may also result in alterations to its design and can be quite expensive. Be sure to get clothing that can reasonably be adjusted to fit your measurements.

It is very important to find a tailor who understands your needs. Once you find one that delivers what you want, stay with them. Avoid putting clothes to waste by partnering with a custom-tailor who has the right knowledge and experience and is trusted by many. Here at Crown Custom Clothing, our 5-star reviews on multiple platforms speak for us. Partner with us to get perfectly tailored clothing and start your journey in gracing through your day-to-day life.



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