All custom fashion accessories, new and pre-owned clothing and accessories are designed and/or maintained in “The Lab”. All stones, metals, leather, fabrics, and clothing goods are selected by hand and inspected for quality, color, and size.

Sons of SPPhillips only uses quality materials based on their color, markings and flawlessness.  Our proficient craftsmen use their acute eye for detail, selecting and matching only the best stones, wood, metals, fabrics and glass materials for your custom fashion accessories.

Sons of SPPhillips enables a community of style consultants to find fashionable, affordable, and quality pre-owned apparel. Each article of clothing is hand inspected, prepped and professionally dry cleaned before approval for online purchases.

We use a network of worldwide distributors and manufactures to ensure we have the best items in our inventory.

-The DAM Dept.  (Design And Marketing)