Season 2 Episode 11: Sacred Marriage – A Discussion








Season  2 Episode 11: Sacred Marriage – A Discussion. marriage, divorce, femininity, generational trauma · Minister Charmaine Marie stops by to discuss the books “Sacred Marriage – What If God Designed Marriage To Make Us Holy More Than to Make Us Happy?” By Gary Thomas · “Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: America's Legacy of Enduring Injury and Healing” Dr. Joy DeGruy Leary · April Mason Minister Charmaine Marie opens up about the challenges between her first and second marriage. How she had to cope with divorce and acknowledge the failures she may have made. She further speaks on how divorce affected her mentally and emotionally as a woman. The emotional baggage she has had to carry while at the same time providing a stable home for her children. Minister Charmain shares how this book “Sacred Marriage”, that she has unknowingly had for over a decade, has presented such a stronger sense of unity in her current marriage. We further discuss the struggles of a black woman relearning to be feminine in a society that’s not designed for her to be successful.  The cycle of traumatic actions we carry from one generation to the next has ramifications on how we were raised and how we raise our children. Also the influence a woman has through her actions Minister Charmain Marie’s website www.conversationswithchrist.comis currently under construction you can reach out to the 2Harks for any information regarding the Minister. Follow the #TheHersDay Thursday Podcast and 2Harks at the following: IG: 2Harks FB: 2Harks Twitter: mstaj_hark #TheHersday Thursday Podcast is now streaming on, Spotify, Google Podcast and Apple Podcasts 2Harks Sunday Shows On WMVU Part of the Radio Free Network: 8am: 2Harks - Music Inspiration and Fun 6pm: The World Famous 2Harks – Playing your favorite Gospel, Rnb, HipHop, Jazz and Soul On Gospel Impact Radio – 4pm:  2Harks - Music Inspiration and Fun Intro/Outro Music: Ketsa – New Soul Background Music: Ice & Sincere by Kevin Macleod WTRH 98.9 The Truth #TheHersDay Thursday Podcast & the 2Harks are sponsored by: Sons of SPPhillips – Online store with new and preowned fashionable items for men and women. Giving Style and Attitude a Dress Code. Follow on IG & twitter: @sonsofspp

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