Care and Maintanence

We recommend that you do not wear your custom made fashion accesories while bathing. Excessive exposure to water will wear down the handmade pieces and materials. Please avoid wearing bracelets in bed and during any and all physical activities and/or workouts.


  • After wearing, wipe your bracelet with a soft cotton cloth. Neither stones or metals should be cleaned with any jewelry cleaning supplies. At most a damp cloth can be used on the stones.  Use a straight motion when rubbing the bracelet down with a cloth, this will protect the foundation of the metals and preserve its luster. 
  • DO NOT expose your custom accessory items to any hygiene products (lotions, perfumes, shampoos etc).  These products can be corrosive.
  • DO NOT wear while bathing, in a jacuzzi, or in a pool

* These custom fashion accessories are not designed for any physical or athletic activities.