Disclaimer - Please Read

New and Pre-owned Clothing Disclaimer

All of our new or pre-owned garments and/or accessories have been carefully handpicked and curated by members of the D.A.M. (Design And Marketing) Department. We strive to find quality clothing and accessories. 

Please be aware that items determined to be new may have original designer tags and have not been worn.  All pre-owned items will usually show a few signs of wear or slight fading due to age, but anything visible such as stains, rips or holes will be noted in the item description. Pre-Owned sizes do vary, due to possible alterations, but we try our best to accurately describe the size & fit of an item by today's standards, not just what the garments tag size is. 

Important Notice: Cleaning Disclaimer for Pre-Owned Items

At Sons of Spphillips, we take great care in sourcing and offering high-quality pre-owned items to our valued customers. Please be aware of the following cleaning disclaimer for all pre-owned products:

  1. Pre-Inspection: All pre-owned items undergo a thorough inspection to ensure they meet our quality standards before being made available for purchase. While we ensure that each item is in good condition, 

  2. Cleaning: We advise that all items are thoroughly cleaned & disinfected to the best of our ability. 
  3. Potential Residues: Despite our best efforts, pre-owned items may carry some residual scents or traces from their previous environment. Professional cleaning can effectively address these concerns.

  4. Customer Responsibility: By purchasing a pre-owned item, you acknowledge and accept that it is your responsibility to arrange for professional cleaning as necessary.

  5. Non-Returnable After Cleaning: Once a pre-owned item has been professionally cleaned or altered in any way, it may no longer be eligible for return or exchange.

Thank you for understanding and for shopping responsibly. We are committed to providing you with unique, high-quality pre-owned items that add value and style to your wardrobe.

We believe that our fashionable and stylish items deserve a second chance and a brand new life with you.


-Hark Jos L.  CEO

Sons of SPPhillips