Season 2 Episode 6: ALL THE SINGLE LADIES! ALL THE SINGLE LADIES!! Topic: Secure, Single & Strong.





The 2Harks, Hark Henry and your lady #TheHer, welcome Miq Perry as a special guest to their show. Ms. Perry is the creator of “Spit n Sketch Live!” currently runs her own logistics company and is the host of her own Podcast, “3 Queens and a King Podcast” Follow Miq on facebook and Instagram: Miq Perry

Today’s episode is an emotional and thought provoking journey where we allow Miq Perry to open up about the notion of being Secure, Single & Strong.  The challenges women of color face in a society absorbed by ego and entitlement. How raising her son to be a King amongst pawns and how Queens are becoming the least important pieces on the chessboard when the trophy chicks are on the shelf. We laughed, we cried and walked away from this episode having a more intimate understanding of Miq Perry. Enjoy!

Intro and outro music: Artist: Wataboi Song Title: Cali Artist: Unicorn Heahs / Track: Six Seasons 


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