Season 2 Episode 9: Installation 3 of "A Couple ofCouples" Series. The first and only married Hip Hop recording artist T.Vickz & Mrs. Dean




 T.Vickz & Mrs.Dean are the hottest married couple in the hip hop business. They have worked with numerous chart topping artists and have also toured with No Limit Forever records. The ambitious couple have now ventured into their newest project and creation as a dynamic duo and the first married couple to drop a hiphop album together, titled “ZAMUNDA”. T.Vickz & Mrs.Dean are also the creators of one of the fastest and hottest clothing brands in Northeastern Oh. “TRILLIONAIR” where they believe you should “ WEAR YOUR WORTH” and always believe in yourself . Trillionair was featured on the Master P review show and rated a 9 out of 10. The Trillionair apparel is available at and T.Vickz & Mrs.Dean’s music is available on all digital platforms.  Their smoking hot single "Same Chick" has over 4 million views on T.Vickz & Mrs. Dean sat down with the 2Harks and shared their wisdom on marriage, marrying young, the challenges of bringing other family members together and their outstanding views on being a submissive wife to a husband who is worthy and earns the right to be a leader. Social Media:  IG-T.Vickz  IG- Mrs.DeanMusic  IG-Tvickz_mrs.Dean  FB-TAPINWITHT.Vickz&Mrs.Dean Music: Intro/Outro: Hollow Bells Cxdy Background: OSA Dress Code - Squadda B Squadda Bambino Tumblr - Squadda B


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