The Wrap Up Episode!!! Season 2 - 2021 Itsa Wrap!!!





The 2Harks: The H-dubble Hark Henry and Your Lady #TheHer, review each episode of Season 2.  Sharing their input and what stood out the most with each guest and each moment.  The season was a learning experience and we hope that our listeners found the information informative and helpful.   Stay tuned for the next podcast with Hark Henry with Retired Police Officer Kevin Jackson titled, By All Means Necessary.  Teaser Dropping soon.   Topics about the social and economical climate in the black community and more.  stay tuned!!!! Thank you for your ears!!! Intro/Outro/Background music attributions:  · Street Trap by WinnieTheMoog Link: License: · Dayly by MusicParadise Link: License:
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